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Get a free web page for your internet bookmarks.

Register for an AllMyFavorites account for free. AllMyFavorites is free for personal use.

Share your favorites with family and friends?

Ever wanted to share your favorites/bookmarks with your friends? With allmyfavorites you can. Just give your friends the link to your allmyfavorites web page and they can browse your favorites. If you want to see how an allmyfavorites web page could look like, see this Demo page

Firefox extension

The FireFox extension supports FireFox back to version 3.0 Download it now from the download section, or read about it in the software section.

Access your favorites from any computer with an internet browser?

Your favorites will available on your personal web page here at AllMyFavorites. Easy navigation in categories specified by you.

All html pages here at AllMyFavorites.net are optimized for the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer, but should be displaying ok on any new Internet browser. (Mozilla, Netscape etc.)

Microsoft Internet Explorer Integration

How the AllMyFavorites button integrates into Internet Explorer Download the AllMyFavorites plugin/addon for Microsoft Internet Explorer and you can add an url to AllMyFavorites with just one single click on a button in the toolbar.

When you press the button the AllMyFavorites dialog will popup - looks almost like the favorites dialog you know from Internet Explorer.

The Add to AllMyFavorites dialog You can specify a name (or short description), for the web link you are about to save. You can optionally specify the category. You can organize your own categories using the web interface here at the allmyfavorites web site.

I want more information!

I still don't understand what all this is about! - Take a look at the FAQ section. If you have further questions use the contacts page.

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