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What is the AMFBot?

The imformation below is outdated - the robot is currently not running because of too many problems and lack of resources.

This is www.AllMyFavorites.net link checker robot. If the AMFbot has visited your site, it is because someone has a link to your site here at www.AllMyFavorites.net. (You should be happy about that - someone likes your site!)

Why does the AMFbot check the favorite links?

The purpose of this robot is to find dead links, and remove (hide) the dead links on the favorites pages. The AMFbot will check the favorite links with a regular interval. If a link is found "dead" the "page" icon for the link will change:

A normal working link.
A link that has failed once.
A link that has failed more than one time.

If a link fails more the 2 times if will not display in the favorites pages. If you login to your account you can still see the dead links. When you change the url of a link marked as dead, the status of the link will change and the link will be scheduled for a check by the AMFbot. If a links fails more than 10 times if will be regarded as completely dead and not checked by the AMFBot again. The only way completely dead links can be activated again, is if the owner of the link, changes the link.

Language detection

Another task for the AMFBot, is to detect the language of the HTML pages. Currently the following languages are supported:

  • English English
  • German German
  • French French
  • Danish Danish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Nowegian Norwegian
You can see the detected language in the tooltip for each link. The link tooltip will show when you place the mouse cursor on top of the link image. If ? is shown as language, the laguage could not be detected or the page has not yet been visited by the AMFbot.

If you have questions or comments about the AMFBot, please use the contact page.

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