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Download and install the AllMyFavorites Firefox extension by clicking one of the links below. (The link corresponding to your firefox version) If you want to know more about the AllMyFavorites FireFox extension go to the software section.

Plugin for Firefox 3.0-and later

Note: This it NOT for Mozilla or Netscape - this version of the AllMyFavorites extension will only run on FireFox..

You may also want to install the firefox search plugin to make searching your bookmarks easy directly within firefox. You can read more about the bookmark search plugin here.


Mozilla Firefox version 1.0 (or later). This extension has been tested on PC only (Windows and Linux), but should run on MAC too (since that is one of the fine things about firefox extensions)

An AllMyFavorites account. If you have not already done so, click "new user" in the top bar to make an account.


Click the "Start Download" button above. Firefox will ask you to install the extension. (The install button will be enabled after a few seconds). After the extension has been installed, you must restart FireFox. If you later want to check for an updated version of the AllMyFavorites FireFox Extension, this extension supports the update feature in FireFox. In FireFox go to the "Tools" menu and select "Extensions". Select the AllMyFavorites extension in the list and click update.

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