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FAQ F.A.Q. - General information

What is AllMyFavorites.net?

* A place for you to store your favorites, so you can access them from anywhere.
All you need is a computer with an internet browser. You can share your favorites with your friends by giving them the link to your personal favorites page.

* A place for you to search/browse other users favorites.

What do you mean by "Favorites"?

"Favorites" has has many names. FireFox, Mozilla and Netscape users call them "Bookmarks", Internet Explorer users refer to them as "Shortcuts" but the Internet Explorer name for a collection of these is "Favorites".

Why use AllMyFavorites.net when I already have "favorites" in my browser?

You can only access your browser favorites on your own computer. You can not give your friends easy access to your browser favorites. Click this link if you are still not sure why you should want to share favorites.

What is the price for using AllMyFavorites?

It's free! for personal use.

Can other users see my favorites?

Yes - that is the one of the great things about AllMyFavorites. You can also browse/search other users favorites. If you have some favorites your do not want other people to see, use the build in favorites in your browser.

Do I still need the old favorites in my browser?

Yes you do. You should NOT add url's to your AllMyFavorites account, that you want to keep private. F. x. URL to your online banking.

How do I add a new url to AllMyFavorites?

Install the Internet Explorer plugin and you get a new allmyfavorites button in the browser toolbar. See the Internet plugun/addon section for further information. You can also login to your account here at the web site and add a new url using the web interface.

How do I edit my favorites?

Go to the login page - login with your email and password. You can now add,change,delete and move categories and url's. If your need further help press the "help" button when you have logged in.

How do upload my existing bookmark or favorites?

Login to your account. Press the "sync" button the right. Follow the instruction or read this guide: Exporting favorites and bookmarks.

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