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FAQ F.A.Q. - Internet Explorer plugin/addon

Where is the AllMyFavorites button?

I have installed the Internet Explorer plugin/addon, but can not find the AllMyFavorites button?

You must restart Internet Explorer, if the button is still not there try rebooting your computer. If this did not solve your problem, try un-install, reboot, install, and remember your must be administrator on the computer. (Otherwise you might not have the rights to do the installation)

How does the allmyfavorites button look like in my browser?

Internet Explorer toolbar button

Is the plugin "Spyware"?

NO! The plugin only sends the information needed for you to login on your AllMyFavorites account.

Will I see advertising, pop-ups or nag screens using the plugin?

No - the plugin does not contains any of theese. (The allmyfavorites web site may have banners on specific pages, but no popups)

How do I un-install the plugin?

Open your windows control-panel. Double-click the "Add-Remove Programs" icon. Find "All My Favorites" in the list and click the "Remove" button.

Can I use the plugin without registering for an account?


Do you have a plugin for Mozilla/Netscape?

Yes - Take a look at the software section if you want to know more about it, or go directly to the download section. And if you have not alredy done so - try the new Mozilla FireFox, the newest version of the mozilla browser.

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