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Share your favorites with family and friends?

Your may be asking yourself - why should I need something like this web site - AllMyFavorites.net - I already have my favorites in my internet browser, and it is working just fine.

There are many situations where AlMyFavorites.net can help you a lot. Let me just give you a few examples:

Favorites on a new computer

You buy a new computer or hard disc - or just re-install your Operating System. All your favorites are now lost! Of course your could have made a backup or saved your favorites on your old computer/hard disc before you changed to the new one - but most people forget to do it. You don't miss your favorites until they are gone! Maybe you can remember all your 117 old links? If you use AllMyFavorites for your favorites - you only have to remember on single url: your own favorites web page here at AllMyFavorites.net, and you will not loose any of your favorites each time you get a new computer.

Favorites on more than one computer

Many homes has more than one computer today, or you may be working with computers at work. It is really annoying to keep 2,3 or 4 sets of favorites updated and synchronized. AllMyFavorites can be used from any computer with and Internet browser. If your are using a PC with the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer your can even download a plugin, that will integrate into the browser. Using the Internet Explorer plugin, you can add new favorites to your AllMyFavorites web page - just as easy as using the favorites in your browser.

Sharing favorites with family and friends

I regularly exchange web links with family and friends, but often I have trouble remembering that 79 letter long url I just added to my favorites a week ago. Using AllMyFavorites to store my favorite links - I only have to remember one link: My favorites web page here at this site. If I forget my url I can look it up in the user search section using my username. Should I also forget my username - I can have all the information send to my email.

Organizing your favorites

Your can organize your favorites in categories of your own choice. And you don't need to have any special software installed to do so. You can create new categories, move your favorites around using the web interface on this site. Any computer with an internet connection and an Internet browser will do*). If you install the Microsoft Internet Explorer plugin, you can Organize your favorites when you add them to your collection. Just as you are used to do when organizing your regular browser favorites.

Sharing is what the internet is all about!

Sharing is nice! Why keep it a secret if you have found a great web site. Share it with the world! As AllMyFavorites get bigger - this will be greater place to search and browse the internet's best sites, hand-picked by other users. One of the best recommendations a web site can get, is that many users wants to add it as one of there favorites.

If you want more information about sharing your favorites here at AllMyFavorites.net - take a look at the F.A.Q.

If you still don't think you need an AllMyFavorites account, I am sorry to have wasted all your time reading this page. Just close this window and forget you have ever been here.

*)All pages and functionality on this web site has been tested on the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but any new internet browser with javascript should do.


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