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AllMyFavorites News

Use this page to keep track of the changes here at AllMyFavorites.net. Any big changes that may interrupt the use of the site will also be posted here.

Dev 2012

  • AllMyFavorites.net moved to new server
    The site has been moved to a new server. We hope this will be faster and more stable.
  • AllMyFavorites.dk will be terminated at the end of jan 2013

Jan 2009

  • AllMyFavorites.net moved to new server
    The site has been moved to a new server. We hope this will be faster and more stable.

July 2008

  • Firefox 3.0.1 support
    The Firefox plugin should now sopport future version of FireFox 3.0.x
  • The AMFbot has bee updated
    We are running some tests with "Adult" content detection filters"

June 2008

  • Firefox 3.0 support
    An updated plugin for Firefox 3.0 has been made available on the website. The seach plugin is still working in Firefox 3.0

Feb 2008

  • Hacker attack on our web hosting provider.
    Friday the 15 feb about 17:00 CET, our web hosting provider surftown was attacked by hackers, and the site has been down for almost 2 days. Sorry for this downtime. We are now considering finding a better hosting provider.

Jan 2008

  • We have had a lot of problems with the email server (our ISP has been very unstable). Some emails may even have been lost, so if you think your email have been lost, please resend it again. We are running on another email server now, so it should be better now.

Dec 2006

  • A faq section for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has been added.

Okt 2006

  • The FireFox plugin has been updated to support FireFox version 2.0

April 2006

  • A new "private links" category has been added for each user. This category will only be visible when logged into your account, so only you can see it.
  • All browser plugins have been updated to support the new "private" category.
  • A search feature has been added to make it easier searching your own favorites. (Only visible when logged in to your account)

Feb 2006

Jan 2006

  • 29.Jan The AllMyFavorites ISP have been down 2 times, for several hours this day.
  • The special Internet Explorer synchronize has been removed, because it is no longer possible with Windows XP SP2 installed. All browsers can now upload the same way, using a bookmark.html file.
  • A new "Dead links" category has been added. This category will show any dead links you have (will only be visible if you have dead links).

Dec 2005

  • The firefox extension has been updated to support the new firefox 1.5. Support for firefox older than version 1.0 has been removed.

Nov 2005

  • An "email" function has been added to the right click menu. This gives you an easy way to send links to friends.
  • The new sychronization with existing favorites/bookmarks is now online. We are still having some problems with XP SP2 - but have decided to make public anyway. We don't want everybody else waiting just because Internet Explorer with SP2 is not working. We are working on a solution. I suggest you try FireFox while waiting - maybe your don't need Internet Explorer?

Okt 2005

  • Some problems with adding new categories has been fixed.
  • The new sychronization with existing favorites/bookmarks is now being tested - will be online for all users soon.

July 2005

  • A complete new user interface has been launched. (More features and info to follow)

June 2005

  • A new look has been made for the hole website. It is long time since there has been anything new stuff here at AllMyfavorites.net, but this is going to change now. During the next weeks, your will see a complete new interface for the online organizing of your favorites. And for the next months we have some new great feature planned.

April 2005

  • The "new links" on the front page, has been removed - because we can/will not "review" all new links, and lately there has been a lot of porn/adult links which we will not accept. This is also a reminder to all users - if AllMyfavorites starts to evolve to a central for these links we will have to restrict the use of the site.

March 2005

  • The "new links" on the front page, has been updated to only show links that has been verified ok by the link checker robot.
  • A bug in the link checker robot, caused it to never mark dead links as failed more than once. (Links that has failed more than 3 times will be hidden)

Feb 2005

  • During the next few days/weeks we will be working on making the html pages valid HTML 4.01 transitional. (You may have noticed the W3 HTML 4.01 logo on some of the HTML pages). This should improve the readabillity of this web site on other browsers (read other than Micrsoft Internet Explorer). We will continue to optimize for Internet Explorer and the FireFox Browser
  • New AMFBot 1.2 - the can now check secure (https://) sites

Jan 2005

  • The AMFbot will ignore https links - because it can not handle a SSL connection yet.
  • This news page has been made.
  • The AMFBot has been updated to work more efficient and workaround a SQL access limitation on the ISP server
  • The front page has been changed to show the last 5 added links and the 5 most popular links.

Feb-Dec 2004

  • A lot of improvements has been made during this first year of AllMyfavorites.net

Jan 2004

  • AllMyFavorites.net was launched for the first time to the "public"

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