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Plugin - version history

This page contains a list of changes to the AllMyfavorites Microsoft Explorer plugin. You can always get the newest version of the plugin from the download section. Read about the plugin in the software section, or the F.A.Q.

The first one

* Version control in the plugin. (The web site can now see the version nr of the control, and be able to redirect the user to a update/download page)

1.02 (5 feb 2004)
* Added "New Category" button
This is the first "public" version of the plugin

* Added "Refresh" button

1.04 (23 May - 27 July 2004)
* Added url to "Add favorites" dialog, so you can change the url before you add the link.
* Removed the "Your AllMyFavorites Web Page" button, because the new "hot favorites" is easier to use.