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Mozilla Firefox Extension - version history

This page contains a list of changes to the AllMyfavorites Mozilla FireFox Extension. You can always get the newest version of the program from the download section. Read about the program in the software section, or the F.A.Q.

0.9.0 (4 Aug 2004)
The first beta experiments

1.0.0 (24 Aug 2004)
The first version - complete with a xpi package. The Mozilla/Netscape version made as a subset of the firefox version.

1.0.1 (28 Aug 2004)
Message and URL response in the parsing of the login response from allmyfavorites. (Allow us to show a message when a new version is available, or warn the user in case of technical problems)

1.0.2 (29 Aug 2004) - The first public version of the extension
Added "no category" and "home" to the category list