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Software - Internet Exlorer Plugin/addon

The AllMyFavorites software comes in one single installation file. Available in the download section. You can can choose which programs to install during the installation. Below you can see a description of the Favorites plugin for Internet Explorer.

Use the menu to the left to choose the program your want to read about.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Plugin/addon

The purpose of this program is to make it fast and easy to add a web page to your favorites, when you are browsing. This small program will integrate your AllMyFavorites web links into Microsoft Internet Explorer. A new button is added to the Internet Explorer toolbar.
The AllMyFavorites toolbar button in Microsoft Internet Explorer
When you press the button the AllMyFavorites dialog will popup - looks almost like the favorites dialog you know from Internet Explorer.
The AllMyFavorites add url dialog

You can see the url (web address), you are about to add. You can edit/change it.

You can specify a name (or short description), for the web link. As default the title of the web page will be inserted. Make sure you write a good description so you can remember what the link is.

You can optionally specify the category. If you click the "Create in" button, the dialog will expand and show you all your categories.

You can organize your own categories using the web interface here at the allmyfavorites web site.

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