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The Mozilla FireFox Extension can be downloded from the download section. Read the download section for infomation about how to install the FireFox extension. If you are using an older version of mozilla or netscape, read the section at the bottom of this page. If you don't know the FireFox browser yet - read our small FireFox review.

The FireFox extension will add "Add to AllMyFavorites" menu item in two place in FireFox. In the "Tools" menu and in the context menu for the current web page. (Right clicking the web page). When you select "Add to AllMyFavorites" the follow dialog will appear:

AllMyFavorites dialog in firefox The dialog may look differently depending on your operating system, and skin/theme in your browser. This is how it looks in Windows XP with the default Windows XP look.


The first time the login window will popup. Enter your email and password for your AllMyFavorites account. If you have not already registered for an account - you can do it here (it is free!). You browser must be set to allow cookies for you to be able to login. (It is by default)

The next time your open the "Add To AllMyFavorites" dialog, it will automatically login. During the login, some of the buttons will be disabled. The login should only take a few seconds (depending of your internet speed).

You can now change the description of the bookmark (or the URL), select an appropriate category, and press the "Ok" button. Just as you know from your regular bookmarks dialog.

You may also want to take a look at the FireFox search bar plugin

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