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Mozilla Firefox Review

This review is quite old - but we keep it here because there are still some people out there using other browsers - and they don't know what they are missing! (read: windows users that think the internet browser is a part of the operating system, and don't know it is possible to install another and better one

This is the first review here at AllMyFavorites.net, but it is probably not going to be the last. We will only review software that has some relevance to the site, (or if we finds something that is really exciting!) This is not going to be a very thorough review of FireFox and its features, but more a first impressions of a new exciting browser.

Why Firefox?

When this site was started, it was the intension only to support the Windows Platform, and the Internet Explorer family of browsers. Because this is what we use most of the time - and AllMyfavorites was created with our own use of it in mind. We started to get requests for Mozilla/Netscape support, but figured that there was too few to make it worthwhile. I have been following the development of the Mozilla browser for long time, but never found it to be so much better than Internet Explorer, that I would make it my default browser. In July 2004 I looked at the web statistics for AllMyfavorites, and was surprised about the FireFox numbers. It was almost as high as the "old Mozilla". So this made me decide to take a look at this Beta of the new Mozilla Browser.

First Impressions

The first thing you will notice when you download the FireFox installation, is the size of the file. Only 4.7MB! - this is really nice. When I download an internet browser I don't need the Email, Chat and messenger program that usually comes together with it. Firefox is a stripped-down program with a clean and simple interface. I surfed the web for some time, just to see how the browser would handle html in general. I found no problems at all. Even some of the more exotic pages with dynamic html, was working as expected.


So can this "small" browser have any new features compared to Internet Explorer? Yes - these are the 3 main features (That I found):

1) A built-in pop-up blocker. (Internet explorer is going to get it with XP sp2)
2) A file-download manager.
3) Tabbed browsing feature.

And compared to Internet Explorer - there are no missing features (none that I am missing)


Comparing the speed of Internet Browsers - is not very easy, because the speed of the Internet itself is constantly changing. So this is more my "feeling" about the speed. I can for sure say that FireFox is NOT slower than Internet Explorer, and on some pages I will even say that FireFox is the fastest browser I have ever tried.


Extensions can extend the browser's capabilities. Extensions was also available in the older Mozilla and Netscape, but FireFox has a build in Extensions manager, that makes it much easier. The new Extensions manager allows you to un-install extensions - You had to do this manually in the old Mozilla - and this was a bit tricky (Read: something non-techies could not do). The Extension manager also has the possibility to update Extensions if the extension has support for it (The AllMyFavorites Extension does)

At present time there is already 145 Browser Extensions available for FireFox. Not counting the AllMyFavorites extension - that you of course want to install :-)


FireFox is still not my default browser - but it stays on my computer, and I use it almost as often as I use Internet Explorer. FireFox is a nice clean and fast browser, and I am looking forward to the final version.

If I was Microsoft, I would be worried - Microsoft did win the first browser war with Netscape, but this time they have to do better if they want to win again.

Want to try it!

Get Firefox Are you getting curious? Want to try it your self? - Click the image to the left.

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Aug 2004 - J.Ø.N.

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