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Software - Hot Favorites

The AllMyFavorites software comes in one single installation file. Available in the download section. You can can choose which programs to install during the installation. Below you can see a description of the Hot Favorites program.

Use the menu to the left to choose the program your want to read about.

Hot Favorites

This program gives you quick access to your favorites either as a quick launch shortcut or as an icon in the taskbar. During installation you can choose to install both or just one of the two. If your quick launch bar is not already visible in the taskbar, you can show it by right clicking the taskbar, go to the "toolbars" sub menu and select "Quick Launch". (If "Quick Launch" has a checkmark in the menu, the quick launch toolbar is already visible)

This is how the Hot Favorites icon will look like in the quick launch toolbar The quick launch hot favorites icon will launch the hot favorites program. It will start a bit slower than hot favorites from the taskbar (look below), but has the advantage of not using any computer resources when you don't use it.

If you use your favorite often - the taskbar icon is a even faster way to launch hot favorites.

This is how the Hot Favorites iocn will look like in the taskbar Left clicking the hot favorites icon, will show the hot favorites program. Right clicking the icon will show a menu. If you want to stop the hot favorites program - select "exit" in the menu. Unlike the quick launch version, the taskbar version of Hot Favorites will remember the last category. (The program will never close - it just hide the window).

Hot Favorites - Main Window

The main window is like an Internet Explorer window, but without the title and navigation bar. The window will always show in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can resize the window by dragging the borders of the window. Hot favorites will remember the size of the window. When the window looses focus it will close (just like a menu). The Hot Favorites window look like this:

How Hot Favorites window look like.

As you can see it is more or less the same a the usual favorites window. The first time you open the Hot Favorites window, it will show a login page. If your keep the "Auto login" checked - you don't have to login each time you open the window.

You may have noticed an new google search box in the window. Use this to search the web using google. The result will show in a new explorer window.

Now we have come to some of the features that really make Hot Favorites something special. Using the right click menu you can edit/delete and manage your favorites directly in this window.

Right Click Menu

When you right click a category or a web link, the follow in menus will appear:

Hot favorites Version History

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