Online Help

Open a link

If you click a link - a new page will open for that link.

Changing category

Clicking on a category to the left, will change to that category.

Special categories

 Home The "Home" category is your main page. This is where bookmarks/favorites at first level from your browser will be inserted. You should use this category for the links you use very often, and want to be able to find quickly.
 Uncategorized The "Uncategorized" is the bookmarks/favorites your have not placed in any category yet. Bookmarks added from your browser (when you don't specify a category), will go into this category.
 Dead Links Dead links are links the AMFBot has not been able to verify. This category will be hidden if your don't have any dead links.
 Private Links The links in this category are private, and will only be visible when your are logged in to your account. You can not rename or move this category.

Drag and Drop editing

You can change the order of your links - just by dragging the link you want to move. While you drag the link, the new position will be shown as "empty" space (See the picture below)

If you want to move a link to a new category, you can drag the link to a category on the left side. You will be asked to confirm before the link is moved to the new category. If you drop a link outside of a valid drop zone, the link will remain unchanged. (Swap back to the original position). The category order can be changed the same ways as links.


If you place the mouse cursor on the icon, a big tooltip will appear. The tooltip shows:
1) snapshot of the website. (if available)
2) the url of the webpage.
3) The language of the webpage. (If the robot has been able to decide the language)
4) The last modified date of the webpage.

Right click menu

You can right click a link or a category to show the right click menu for that item.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or FireFox 1.04. Both must have JavaScript enabled. JavaScript is enabled by default, so if you don't know what it is don't worry. (May work fine on other browsers too, but we only test on these two browsers.) You should always keep your browser updated, and since both Micrsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox can be downloaded for free, there is no reason not to update. (The newest browsers also have the lastes security updates installed):

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